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The mission of The Earth's Center is to provide everyone in the community a comfortable environment for balancing their life. They have a professionally trained staff that dedicates their lives to serving those that need outlets to alleviate minor stress and serious life changes that we all experience. They believe that by living in agreement with the truth and realities of our human existence along with accepting personal responsibility for our individual health, we can alleviate stress in our daily lives and experience an optimum quality of life. They are here to to assist the community with achieving a higher sense of well being.


The Bamboo Room for massagesThe Director of The Earth's Center, Nicole Ann Mikel, is a Clinical Holistic Health Practitioner and Clinical Holistic Life Coach. Nicole has dedicated her life to assisting others to find balance in their lives through her vocation and also through everyone on staff at The Earth's Center. Everyone on staff is a part of the office due to their own great individual passion, understanding, and education of what they provide for others through their work. Please read each bio to learn more about the unique individuals that make up The Earth's Center staff.

"Balance Your Life"

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